Janina, workcamp en España

In the first workcamp in Pedrezuela we painted benches, picked up trash and painted a wall in the local swimming pool. I liked to clean the environment and make an impact to the local community.

In the group I met people from different countries in Europe, made international friends and got to know more about their different languages and ways of living. It was interesting to learn more about the village in a tour, to meet local young people and to discover more about Spain at trips to the capital city Madrid.

In the second part of the project that I spent in the workcamp in Illescas we cleaned the civil protection center and its garden and painted it.

It was interesting to live in a Spanish town of a different area and to stay in a group together with people of different ages and stages of life. I liked to help out in the local community while meeting people from different countries and continents and get to know about their traditions.

Sometimes it was challenging with conflicts that arose from the differences between our cultures and ways we grew up but I learned a lot from that and it broadened my horizon.

Also I got to know more about the Spanish culture, traditions, its history and the political situation and I enjoyed to improve my Spanish and meet people from Spain.

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