Mara, ESC in Spain

Hello! My name is Mara, I’m a 19 year old CES volunteer from Germany. Right now I’m living and working in a small town near Madrid, called Lozoyuela.

I’m mainly working for the town hall (ayuntamiento) and the local library. In the town hall there is always work for me, I get often asked to help them with organising events or preparing workshops.

Additionally I give English classes to children and take care of two donkeys ?

My work is really versatile!
During my voluntary service I am giving the opportunity to experience all different kinds of works, lifestyles and cultures.

In my free time I like relaxing in the quietness of my little town or go to the big town Madrid, which I can get to easily by bus.
I’m really grateful for this opportunity of my voluntary service in Spain! ☀️

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